Montag, 1. September 2014


my tube, my is from PDF
A Exclusive Tube

to purchase at: picsfordesign

The Scrap "Bailey" is Niqui's Designs,
find HERE

My mask - Download here

Open new image 800 x 800 pixels
fills image with a beautiful background of
the kit

Merge group

now opens the following elements
and it adds on image above to see
nq-element 25
nq-element 27
nq-element 38
nq-element 40
nq-element 48
nq-element 55 nq-element 65
nq-element 69
nq-element 73
nq-element 74
nq-element 78
nq-element 85
nq-element 86
nq-element 87
nq-element 99

Forgive needed a small drop shadow on elements

Summarize all
a matching tube on the picture and you have that Taggi
Hugs Heppy

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