Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Free like the Wind

new PSP tutorial from

 The Kit free like the wind

The Horse Tube 
 I have a permission with your Posern Tutorials make

The Woman Tube

  I have to create the permission with your Posern Tutorials
Load the Mask  HERE
Fill Mask with a clolour
orders the following elements
PHF_free like_the_wind4
PHF_free like_the_wind9
PHF_free like_the_wind10
PHF_free like_the_wind15
PHF_free like_the_wind23
PHF_free like_the_wind40
PHF_free like_the_wind45
PHF_free like_the_wind46
PHF_free like_the_wind63
PHF_free like_the_wind64
Who may still be on the whole image filter
Apply Nik Software with these values
 then looks like this picture
give all levels einene subtle drop shadow
Now Taggi label yet, and you have a Taggi

Hugs Heppy

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